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phone-hacking trial stumbled into some salacious territory when discussing a purported 2005 love triangle between Jude Law, Sienna Miller, and Daniel Craig.

During his testimony, Law admitted that while he was dating Miller, he learned via a co-star Daniel Craig.

His other film credits include Elizabeth, Layer Cake and forthcoming film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Weisz, 41, has appeared in movies including The Mummy and About A Boy.

An alleged voicemail Miller left for Craig, during which the actress told the James Bond actor that she loved him, was parsed ad nauseam in court. I love you.”She clarified, however, that her concluding sentiment has been misinterpreted by media this week.

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No other details about "Bond 25" have been announced, but Neal Purvis is expected to write the script.

Folded onto the sofa, beneath a Paisley patterned shawl, she blends serenely, expensively into the upmarket mélange of creams, and plums and cinnamons. “Yes, I do like a proper builder’s cup of tea; a strong straightforward brew that keeps working men going.

In the flower vases are the most impossibly gorgeous posies of vanilla roses, which is presumably the sort of thing Hollywood leading ladies routinely insist upon. I can’t bear it when Americans try to fob me off with Lipton’s.” Weisz, who has a six-year-old son, Henry, from her previous relationship with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, lives in New York, with Craig, 45. ” Absolutely not, but in the US, country walks are rather different from a stroll across Hampstead Heath, where the most sinister peril is the odd clump of stinging nettles.

They courted quietly and married in secrecy in 2011 and it says a lot for the esteem in which Weisz is held that not a soul begrudged her bagging James Bond. “In America there’s wildlife that can kill you,” she says.

They are occasionally caught by the paparazzi walking along, looking as ordinary as an off-duty 007 and an Oscar-winner (Best Supporting Actress for her extraordinary turn in The Constant Gardener) can look in jeans and coats and boots. “Just 90 minutes outside New York there are poisonous snakes and bears; in the hiking shops you can buy bear bells, so the bears can hear you coming – you really don’t want to surprise one of those.” And what about when a photographer looms up when she’s on the school run or pokes a lens where it’s not wanted when she and her husband are minding their own business on their way to dinner?

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