Dating a sarcastic woman

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We’re actually overly sensitive and affectionate underneath all that irony. You’ll always have a private joke with us when dealing with idiots or aggravating situations, and our annoyance and frustration will be cleverly and humorously disguised with sarcasm. Maybe it’s from all those years of exercising our brains with our irony.

We just can’t help it - the default mode of our mouth is sarcastic. We can sniff out bullshit from a mile away, so just be prepared to get challenged.

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The truth is, we're actually pretty sensitve..just like to joke and mess around a lot. I have a hard time accepting compliments, as do most sarcastic people.Dating a girl with a big personality can be tricky.Happy coz well, we are nice people and you have got yourself a real good one there! If anything, you’d get some backhanded compliments and no, she won’t spare any part of you! You will almost always have to steer clear of text messaging as a mode of communication. And sad because you took away another dateable option for the rest of the single folks- what, it’s slim pickings! Do NOT expect the sarcastic girl to show affection in those mush-muck manners she constantly shoots sarcasm bullets at. Coz honestly, no app has enough emojis to convey your girl’s meaning- when divorced from the slow clap, the eye-roll and the dead-eye stare!

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