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(Section 467.1), Organized Crime is defined as being composed of three or more persons, having as one of its main purposes a serious offence likely to result in a financial benefit.So, just about any type of illicit activity can be undertaken by organized crime groups, as long as there is money to be made.The violence and corrupting effect of organized crime groups are mainstays of primary activities, which greatly affect every Canadian's right to safety and security.The RCMP is committed to safe homes and safe communities for all Canadians, and to accomplish this we identified the fight against organized crime as a strategic priority in 2001.In order to reduce youth crime and victimization, the RCMP aims to: Every province and territory has an RCMP Youth Officer who supports the development of national youth policy and programs, and oversees local initiatives.

Delivering culturally competent police services provides the foundation necessary to build relationships and partnerships with the more than 600 Indigenous communities we serve.

Our investigative successes are largely determined by our flexibility, leadership and collaboration with foreign and domestic law enforcement partners.

We must continue to become more proactive and responsive in accordance with the level of threat.

Understanding their perspective enables police officers to interact more effectively with and better understand youth.

The RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee brings together youth from all over Canada to discuss important issues that they face in their respective communities, while providing valuable input to the RCMP's policies, programs and strategies.

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