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In 2017 alone, I’ve put in about 40 hours of research into the latest robots, dedicated 35 hours to comparative side-by-side testing, and spent dozens of hours just letting the best few bots do their thing cleaning my condo.

Any decent bot can pick up obvious, surface-level debris like pet hair, crumbs, road grit, or anything else you can see from eye level or feel stuck to your feet.

I’ve covered robot vacuums for Wirecutter since 2013, logging hundreds of hours of research and testing in that time. I also write about other types of vacuums for Wirecutter, including cordless, handheld, and traditional plug-in styles.

This version covers all robot vacuums available in the US as of late July 2017.

I’ve also made a point to listen to as many of our readers as I can, through comments on our guides, emails, and tweets.

I’ve spent some time on message boards, too, particularly Robot Reviews.

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