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What if you're a victim of a crime and have to prove you acted in self-defense? Bonus: Kim Komando's dash cam is an affordable option to record your driving!Think how much more effective a video of the incident would be than you telling a police officer what happened. Next time it happens, record them as they're doing it. Whether it’s proof of your innocence in an accident or traffic stop, or just a record of something you witnessed, you can have it all recorded.We know about these incidents in large part because of video cameras.Thousands of police officers now have dash cams that record them from their car's dashboard. In fact, the company Taser, which is best known for self-defense, handheld electric chargers called Tasers, switched its name to Axon. The company also makes body cams called Axon, which account for a surging percentage of the company's revenue.Many police officers also have body cams that they have clipped onto their uniforms. On average, a professional body cam can set you back about 9.Just imagine how this technology would help your family and you. You can buy one right now from Axon and other companies. Keep reading to learn more about relatively low-cost ways to turn your smartphone into a body cam.Your content is valuable - don't entrust it to services that rely on 3rd party rented servers in an unknown data center.At Work Zone Cam, we securely store your vital images on servers that we own and manage.

Camera systems are monitored around the clock and automated quality control checks scan your data to ensure that your image content is being captured consistently and at the proper resolutions.

Sure, if you're a police officer or security guard, you'll need the highest-quality (and most likely, highest cost) body cam that money can buy.

But if you would use it only from time to time, your smartphone is a better option. It's easy, inexpensive and, most important, effective.

Whether you choose wireless or hardwired, we have you covered.

Enjoy reliable, fast access to your construction site images anytime - online or on your mobile device.

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