Hard cor cam free no reg

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We understand the revised Schedule is not yet available to stakeholders, and Big Sky has not seen a copy.

However, it is clear this version replaces the Schedule of Deposit Fines issued in August 2013.

Other than amending the regulations, it is difficult to see how this issue can be remedied.

The same over-specification applied to fire extinguishers in the nullified regulations but the requirements were relaxed in the current issue.

ADVICE TO MOTORISTS: 1) Roadside fines will range from .00 to .00.The edges of the triangle must be ridged Dimensions: sides - 50mm wide, length of sides - 425mm, ridge - 5mm.A second pair of triangles must be carried if a trailer is towed.2) You are entitled to request to see the current Schedule of Deposit Fines, which every patrol and roadblock is obliged to carry. 4) There is no option to pay a Deposit Fine within 7 days.For your convenience we recommend motorists carry a 'just in case" .00 in small notes.

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