Marriage moving from dating to marriage

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Things you never thought of before will be unavoidable topics after the move."Have you talked about finances, have you talked about children, how do you feel about exclusivity in a relationship, have you seen the habits and behaviors of the other person? "And where you have to make compromises, is it okay?If you're sure it's a permanent union, go through your things together and get rid of extras in a way that makes you both feel satisfied. "There may be certain things he likes doing or she likes doing, so have a conversation about that." If you're both busy and contributing financially, it's fair that you share household responsibilities.Discuss these things before living together, and figure out who enjoys what most, who hates certain things, and what you will do about it. But here is the good news: It's probably someone who likes seeing you naked and will love you no matter where you grow hair."It can be a great way for a couple to find out how compatible they are, and in some ways it can be an indicator as to what they could expect, should they go further and get married," Mc Grail says, "However, as I mentioned, I have found through experience that regardless how long a couple lives together, the second they get married, there is a change in the energy." An official, legal commitment like marriage will definitely change things, whether it's for the better or for the worse.

"If people are earning similar salaries, then it certainly makes sense to split it down the middle," Alpert says. This won't just be a change for you and your partner—a lot of people you may not have considered will factor in.

"They're not going to change their mind," Mc Grail says.

"If one really has that sense of needing a commitment and the other one doesn't, the chance of that dynamic changing through living together is very slim." 2. The goals of cohabitation should be clear from the outset.

"A lot of times, people can kind of hold it together for a year or so. If cohabitation is smooth sailing, it's probably good news, but don't rely on that experience entirely. All relationships are different, and you don't need to check off everything on this list to make it work, and there may be things you need to do that aren't on the list.

The most important thing is only entering into an emotional and financial agreement that makes you feel comfortable, respected, and loved.

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