Stop ie 9 from updating

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Once you do so, you'll get this option: Check the "don't notify me" option, and proceed with your update.• If you visit the Windows Update web site to get your updates, you'll be asked "Express" or "Custom": Always select Custom to keep track of what Windows Update is about to do to your machine.Ummm, because it might compromise other MS products? For non-informed computer users, they just blindly accept all updates and then wonder why they have problems. How on earth is it that IE8 is a 13.3MB download against Firefox's 7.1MB or 7.35 for the standalone installer for Google's Chrome. After I installed IE8, I immediately ran into problems. I like to use Chrome because it is faster than Fire Fox or IE8 on my beginner's system.

Without MS, Leo would not have much work to do, but I give him credit for trying to help the masses overcome what MS has wrought. I also don't get that annoying active X controls bleeping sound. I installed IE8 about four months ago, just to see what it would do. It was faster than IE7, and when a tab crashed, the whole thing didn't go down - and the tab recovered almost instantly.

(They're also probably focused first on Windows 7 issues.) I think it makes sense to keep an eye on sites like mine or others who are a) experimenting some with IE8 themselves, b) paying attention to what's being said around the net, and c) have a stream of incoming questions about IE8 related issues to get a gauge on the current state of the product. Closer in IE7 and closer again in IE8 if we're to listen to you.

As others have suggested, switching to Fire Fox is also an option, as is staying with IE7 I have the same question that someone else asked: "I have Vista with auto update turned on and running unattended overnight. Well, why don't they just bite the bullet and make it FULLY compliant?

The bottom line is to avoid MS "Improvements" if at all possible. Does anyone know what version of Internet Explorer Windows7 RC1 is running? If IE7, does that mean Microsoft isn't prepared to mess up its newest operating system with incompatibility issues? I also haven't got that Firefox is not responding notice like I get with with IE7 I did try the beta bersion of IE8 and deleted it after 10 minutes. The only thing I didn't like was that a browser add-in I used constantly, Browster, would not work with IE8, so I reluctantly went back to 7.

The only thing I find a little of an inconvenience is not being able to alphabetize the favorites in Firefox without a work around. When I found out that Browster was no longer being developed, and there never be a version for 8, I bit the bullet and reinstalled 8. I should mention that people I know (not implying Leo or any reader) who are having trouble with IE8 seem to be the people who rarely do maintenance on their computers, so it's possible that the accumulated garbage affects IE8's ability to run unimpeded.

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