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When they were all done cumming, they laid next to each other on Janessa's bed.Lily and Jason made out while Janessa licked all of Lily's juices of her brother's body.Her school didn't start for another half hour, so she didn't have to get ready as early. The only one in the family that had done that was his mother, who would lick his tiny cock and balls as well when he was little to get him to sleep. They explored each others' mouths with their tongues while Janessa kneeled down and explored her brother's ass hole with her tongue. Lily knelt down and took Jason's cock in her beautiful mouth. He was getting one of the best blow jobs he ever had, and his sister was eating his ass for him. They explored each other’s mouths with their tongues, and Jason probed deeper into Lily's pussy with his. He kept adding fingers until she had three inside her.Jason was well into his fantasy when he heard the door open. He stood up and said, "Go, boy," and Laddie ran downstairs to greet Janessa. Pretty soon her whole body tensed and she let out a moan."I think that's a fine idea, Nessa," Kim said as she stacked pancakes on their plates. He quickly finished his pancakes and then left the kitchen. He started stroking his cock with one hand and he used his other to put some lube on Janessa's little pink butthole.When she got to the empty seat at the table, she filled the plate and yelled "Ellie! As he walked through the living room, he saw his little sister sitting on the couch with her legs spread apart sticking straight up in the air, letting Laddie lick her pussy and ass. When his cock was hard, Janessa stuck her butt out for him and he shoved his cock up her hole.When Courtney started taking classes she noticed how beautiful her instructor was. My friend's use brings different kinds of nude photos magazine to school.

He wasn't ready to waltz right in and show off his cock to a stranger, so when he got to Janessa's room, he only stuck his head in. It tasted very sweet and Jason lapped up as much as he could.

" Lily pulled herself off of his cock but then pushed it deep inside of her ass hole. While he filled her bowels with his cum, Lily rammed her fingers in her pussy and came, squirting girl cum all over Jason's body.

At the sight of this and with her brother's licking, Janessa came, too, and Jason swallowed all of her juices.

Thirteen-year-old Jason woke up and threw the covers off of his naked body. His sixteen-year-old sister, Janessa, was already sitting at the table, and his mother, Kim, was making breakfast. The only one dressed was their father, but that was because he was going to leave for work pretty soon. He sat down next to the stove and looked up at Kim. They headed to the sofa to finish what they had started. She got up, put her plate in the sink, and went upstairs to get ready.

As slowly as he could, he got out of bed and strolled downstairs to the kitchen, not even thinking about putting on clothes. While they ate, their golden collie, Laddie, came into the kitchen.

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