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Sadly, patriotic and hot-blooded youth became the victims of ideological struggles.On the matter of peasants, Mao Tse-tung (Mao Tse-tung) was not the only nor the first person who had heralded the peasants' movement.Again, per Harold Isaacs, "thus begun, the organization spread rapidly to neighboring districts and the framework of a Kwangtung Provincial Peasant Association was already in existence before the middle of 1923...Peasant struggles against the landlords, against the magistrates, police, and soldiery, multiplied throughout the East River districts and ignited similar conflicts in the west and north of the province...The CCP deprived senior leader Chen Duxiu of the party leadership and claimed that China's revolution was not at the stage of the Russian 1905 Revolution but the Russian 1917 Revolution.Mao Tse-tung, who was dispatched to the Jiangxi-Hunan border area for organizing the Autumn Harvest Uprising (Mutiny), echoed the Comintern's opinion that China had reached the stage of the Russian 1917 Revolution.Mao Tse-tung, directly responsible for the rascal movement in Hunan Province in 1927, would be the red-handed culprit in the Purge of the Anti-Bolshevik League during 1930-1931, the Purge of the Trotskyites during 1937-1941, and The Rectification Movement during 1942-1945.Simply said, the CCP never stopped its bloody terror campaigns since inception in history, and its claws could be seen in the most recent crackdown on the Falungong practitioners.

Gao Hua, a Nanking University professor whose father fled the persecution of the Cultural Revolution in Aug 1966, had presented the most comprehensive research into the communist red terror in the book "" (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sha Tin, N. In 1927, the Nationalist Party (i.e., the Kuomintang or the KMT), both its Right-Wing and the Left-Wing, purged or severed with the communists consecutively.By late July of 1927, the CCP endorsed the armed rebellion which led to the August 1st Nanchang Mutiny.On August 7th, the two new Comintern representatives, who had come to replace Borodin and Roy, hosted the August 7th CCP's plenary session and officially declared the start of the armed rebellion and land revolution (which was earlier suppressed by Borodin and Wang Jingwei for sake of appeasing the Wuhan military officials).Bloody uprisings and crackdown ensued, with the KMT and the CCP turning into sworn enemies till the CCP, with the full Soviet military and financial siupport, obtained full victory over the KMT in 1949.Zhu Daonan, a CCP provincial leader from Shandong, wrote a book entitled "In The Torrents of The Grand Revolution" which was shot into movie "" (i.e., Big Waves Washing the Sands).

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