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NET programmers and professionals to discuss topical and non-help related VB.NET topics, start and participate in fun challenges (NOT HOMEWORK), and share news about the languages and related technologies. NET with no constraints, on any OS, with any tool and for any application. This is a huge milestone and accomplishment for the entire . There are significant components that the community is driving forward. We also found that another 8k developers are watching these same repos, which effectively doubles the count. NET Core-related repos that exist there, such as visualfsharp. NET Core are made available, you can download and install them without needing to get a new version of the tools. It also includes a command to create an empty new project to make it easy to get started.

Part of the reason the tools are in Preview is that we don’t have enough information on the way that they will be used. NET Core on Visual Studio Code, make sure you have downloaded and installed: to point to your application output folders. Read the release notes for detailed release information. Today we are at the Red Hat Dev Nation conference showing the release and our partnership with Red Hat. NET Core is now available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Open Shift via certified containers. NET Core is fully supported by Red Hat and extended via the integrated hybrid support partnership between Microsoft and Red Hat. NET documentation today at docs.microsoft.com, the new documentation service for Microsoft. You can follow our progress at core-docs on Git Hub. NET Core documentation is also available and open source. This probably means that a lot of you will be using the built in Razor View engine, and will most likely be creating your views in a shared '_Layout.cshtml' file in your shared views folder. Quite a lot of hands there I see, and just as I suspected.

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